The Ms. K.I.A. Chronicles

Live performance at Laney College Theater Featuring: Ayla Davila, Deb Santa Maria, Nobuko Mizoguchi, Michaelle Goerlitz, Trevelyn Lee, Pat Wilder, Lisa Fleming

House Full Of Black Women

Deep Waters Dance Theater set up various public sites throughout Oakland over a two-year period as a community engagement project that is performed as a series of “Episodes” that are driven by the core question, “How can we, as black women and girls find space to breathe, and be well within a stable home?”

Soul Nubian The Global Street Dance Masquerade

Rashad Pridgen aka Soul Nubian

Is a dancer, performance artist, creative entrepreneur and artistic director of the The Global Street Dance Masquerade: a site specific dance ceremony presenting full body masquerade suits in urban environments for diverse audiences.  Rashad’s works span dance, theater, music video, fashion and creative project making. 

Our Daily Bread

Excerpt from the premiere of Deep Waters Dance Theater's Evening length work, Our Daily Bread At CounterPULSE Theater in San Francicisco. Choreographed by Amara Tabor-Smith and directed by Ellen Sebastian Chang. Our Daily Bread is a dance theater work that explores how food shapes our cultural identity and whether to preserve or let go of food traditions that are no longer healthy or sustainable.

The Ms. K.I.A. Chronicles

Live performance at Laney College Theater in Oakland, California. Journey with Ms. K.I.A. a Butch lesbian griot from days of old, as she is teleported from the past into a modern day theatre cabaret. 

The Ms. K.I.A. Chronicles

Improvisational dance that explores the call and response aspects of attraction and flirtation.


Sh8peshifter Manifesto

I believe in the journey

That we are all connected as one

The truth and the contradiction

both occupying the same space at the same time

Every breath is a prayer

Where we decide the future in the present moment

Creating our own momentum for change

Basement Rehearsal

Working out an original song arrangement with the crew in Oakland.