My Purpose

Pippa with Soul Nubian/Rashad Pridgen

Divine Messenger

I am a storyteller, vocalist, performance artist and improvisational dancer who holds court with the ancestors and channels whisperings from divinities that hail from unseen realms…magical dimensions that defy human logic, space and time.

Photo: Anya Kamenskaya


Guardian Of The Crossroads

Whether it be a solo or collaborative project, I always walk the grounds and cleanse the areas I’ll be manifesting in. I mark myself with Efun (powered egg shell) to protect my aura, burn sage to clear the air, then vocalize and dance to remove stagnate energies. This ritual brings forth my ancestors and guides who instruct me what to do during an offering.  Cleansing and holding safe space for my audience is intrinsic to my artistic process, especially when presenting transformative or triggering work. This practice gives the witness room to breathe and the ability to “authentically” connect to a piece.

Photo: Robbie Sweeny



Mystic Perfomance Artist

My spiritual beliefs and practices encompass the Yoruba and Iyami (divine mother’s) of Nigeria West Africa and are incorporated in all aspects of my work. I love the mystique of being a female who can shapeshift into a male because it allows me access to the divine feminine and masculine energies of the planet. Usually when I perform, people are confused by my presentation and can’t guess what sex I am.  Men have approached me after shows confessing things they never would admit but perceiving me as male, helps them see their issues. The same goes for women who think they are seeing a male and are encouraged by my openness or femininity. 

 Photo: Luna Yasui